Andre Vltchek wrote quite a thorough and scathing review of Jakarta’s public transport system and compared it to cities in Africa, Japan, and China. Jakarta is the only city in the world with population of more than 10 million without a mass rapid transit system.

The existing public transport modes are practically unmaintained, unmanageable, not integrated, and clearly unplanned. Rarely anything seems to be done with the bigger picture in mind as Vltchek hits it right on the head:

As with anything else in Jakarta, the system is not designed to improve the life of the ordinary citizens; in this case to ease traffic congestion and to move millions of people in safety and comfort. It is designed as a ‘project’ designed to enriching private companies that share their profits with corrupt officials.

It’s quite a long piece but really worth your time. Would be interested to see if anyone can come up with a counterargument to this essay.

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