A Telkomsel executive said BlackBerry users typically use 200MB of data per month thanks to the data compression in use by BlackBerry Internet Service. If they pay Rp 5000/day, that’s 150k/month. If I pay 150k per month, I expect to get more than 5GB of data allowance per month since I currently pay 100k/month for 3.6GB for my general mobile data usage.

Same executive also said he expects BlackBerry data usage to grow to an average of 600MB per subscriber beginning with the Z10. And current BlackBerry users worry that they’re gonna have to pay more for data per month if they switch to BlackBerry 10?

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There’s something about these phones…


To be honest, WP8 isn’t a burning ship. It’s more of a ship under construction. I agree about BB10, though. It’s burning badly, even before construction.

In comparison, Android is a huge ship with a large but badly disorganized population. iOS is a ship that’s well polished but keeps shooting torpedoes at the ships around, screaming “YOU COPIED ME!”.

bilalakhtar commenting on The Verge

I’m just gonna let you see the infographic yourself.

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This was Vodafone India’s attempt at getting non-corporate people to use BlackBerrys last year. No kidding. The guy in the middle reminds me of Balsillie

Engadget reports:

The company’s co-CEO,Mike Lazaridis, reports that, due to a critical chipset that’s not expected to be available in production quantity until mid-next year, we’re unlikely to see a BlackBerry 10 device emerge until late in 2012.

Todd Wood, SVP Industrial Design, Research in Motion: 

Giving us a glimpse at what is to come, Wood tells us where the latest design workshop for 2012s models was held. This time, rather than the classic scenery of Italy, the design workshop session was in Malmo, Sweden. The latest words for the experience? “Charming, whimsical, and fun” according to Wood suggesting a very different direction from the company.

Speaking of the basket breaking

Apple and Google are the dominant smartphone platforms and there is really only room for one more, said Veritas’s Monga. When Nokia was reorganizing, RIM had its chance to establish itself as the third. It may have lost the opportunity, he said.

Eighteen months ago, RIM was fighting but had a fighting chance,” he said. “Now, the problems RIM has on its software platform seem to be insurmountable.

"It was more than frustrating,” the former White House aide said. “Here we were, this young hip administration, and we were using stodgy BlackBerrys and old Microsoft programs. A lot of us were starting to get iPhones and iPads and we couldn’t really use them."
— The White House is running a pilot program to get Apple’s mobile products approved for official use - Politico