On Thursday night Apple pulled Mountain Lion out of a hat. A select number of journalists and bloggers had been given early access to a developer’s preview version for about a week and kept them quiet. These lucky ones got to see Apple’s next major operating system for the Mac and all of them published their reviews almost at the same time, giving Apple maximum coverage on the web and surprising everyone else.

Unlike in years past, Apple this time did not reveal its upcoming Mac OS X version on stage in front of a large audience with full press coverage. Instead it did things very differently.

As John Gruber noted in his impression of the unveiling, Apple’s Phil Schiller told him that Apple was starting to do things differently. Like not giving early access to New York Times for one. David Pogue was once among Apple’s most favored journalists but not this time as Apple shunned the Times for its scathing series of reports on the working conditions of Foxconn’s factories in China which made Apple’s products.

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