MG Siegler on Google’s failed launch of Gmail app for iOS earlier today:

That’s maybe my biggest problem with Google. They release something, and I no longer have any faith that it’s going to be any good. It’s hard to get excited about a company like that. It’s the same reason why it’s hard to get excited when Microsoft and Yahoo release new things. The track record just isn’t there any more. The faith is gone.

I share his sentiment for the most part but I still hold hopes for Microsoft and Yahoo since they seem to be getting back on the right track albeit slowly.

Yahoo!’s releases today at Product Runway point generally to the right direction and Microsoft’s deal with Nokia for Windows Phone is beginning to show some promise even though it’s not as quick as I hoped it would be.

If you’re thinking of pitching your product to a blogger, it’s not as easy as you think. In fact, you could be in for a lot more work than you think. Naturally you need to know the reach of those bloggers, how they communicate, how they perceive and react to products, and so on. In short, get to know your bloggers.
Chris Brogan put together a few tips for vendors and PR people on how to get bloggers to talk about products.

A lot of the times you’ll get bloggers who aren’t interested in your products or find your product less than ideal. Don’t ever push them to retract or complain about them because you’ll tend to earn quite a thrashing and you’ll end up with an even more negative press. 
If your product is useful to them and works as expected, they’ll talk about it and say good things about it. If your product under-delivers, or is uninteresting, they either won’t spend their time talking about it or they will but negatively. These are just issues that you’ll have to live with. 

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